Gran Premio Nuvolari 2016: one week left until the registration deadline


Press Release: 4/2016
Mantova, 25th July 2016 – Only seven days are left to register to Gran Premio Nuvolari. The deadline for the registration - to be completed on - is in fact on 31st July.
The 26th modern edition of Gran Premio Nuvolari, an international rally event reserved for classic cars, is organised by Mantova Racing Team, in collaboration with Automobile Club Mantova and Tazio Nuvolari Museum. It will meet the regulations of F.I.A., F.I.V.A. and A.C.I. Sport. The departure point will be Mantova, Italian Capital of Culture 2016.

The route
First stage - Friday 16th September, from Mantova to Forte dei Marmi.
At 11:00 a.m., from Piazza Sordello to Viale Te, the usual pre-race tests will be carried on, then the drivers will reach the Racing Track of San Martino del Lago and the “Riccardo Paletti” in Varano before facing the hairpin turns of Passo della Cisa. The racers will then drive along the town of Carrara and in the evening, in Forte dei Marmi, all participants will be invited to the beach party at the famous club “La Capannina by Franceschi”.

Second stage - Saturday 17th, from Forte dei Marmi to Rimini.
The racers of the G.P Nuvolari will drive along the ancient walls of Lucca, then Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, Piazza del Campo in Siena, Arezzo, Città di Castello, Urbino and finally Rimini. Once at the fascinating and world reknown “Grand Hotel”, the participants will take part in an official gala dinner in honour of Tazio Nuvolari.

Third and last stage - Sunday 18th, from Rimini back to the finishing line in Mantova.
After driving through Meldola, Cesena and Forlì the drivers will reach the International Racing Track “Enzo e Dino Ferrari” in Imola and once in Ferrara they will visit the “Circuito Ariosteo”. After 1.050 KM, 90 time trials and 5 PMIs (tests on an imposed avarage speed) the checkered flag will be waved on the finishing line in Piazza Sordello, making the GP Nuvolari one of the most technical and prestigious event for classic cars in the world.

Supporting partners of the event dedicated to the “Flying Mantuan”, “Genius of the Speed”, are: Audi, the company of the four rings, Eberhard & Co., 26 years of uninterrupted and passionate support; Banca Generali, prestigous brand and example of reliability in the world, and Michelin Classic, the new, important technical presence.

Audi, in the heart of Gran Premio Nuvolari. The brand of the four rings, main sponsor of the event, was born in 1932 in Chemitz, Saxony, from the merger of the four companies DKW, Audi, Horch e Wanderer, and at the times of Nivola it was called Auto Union, a name that brings back the second youth of the “Flying Mantuan”. In 1938, at 46 years of age, Tazio brought to victory the Type D designed by Robert Eberan-Eberhost in Monza and Donington; he did the same in 1939 in Belgrade, event that unfortunately coincided with the beginning of the II WW, and which was both the last race of the Formula Grand Prix and the last International victory of Nivola. Despite that, the scope of those successes was so broad and important that the combination “Nuvolari-Auto Union” became everlasting; a bond that will be celebrated once again in Mantova during the Gran Premio Nuvolari from 15th to 18th September.

Eberhard & Co, since 26 years the Official Timekeeper of Gran Premio Nuvolari.
It was 1991 when Eberhard & Co. became official partner and the timekeeper of Gran Premio Nuvolari marking with unmistakable style and elegance the most important moments of the event. It was such a profound affinity that urged the prestigious Swiss company to dedicate a special collection to “Tazio Nuvolari”.

Banca Generali and GP Nuvolari, a shared passion and dedication to quality.
Banca Generali too desires to celebrate the everlasting legend of Tazio Nuvolari. For the fourth consecutive year the leader in savings management reinforces its presence in one of the most important events dedicated to classic cars, an event in fact that captures the interest of both the public and the media all over the world.

Michelin Classic, the company that has the car in their DNA for over a century.
The company of Clermont-Ferrand inaugurates in Mantova its Technical Partnership with G.P. Nuvolari. The brand of the world reknown Bibendum, the man made of rubber wheels, voted by the Financial Times as the “Best Logo in History”, will be present with its own motor home during the tests carried before the race in Palazzo Te, where its own “Classic” line will be introduced: from the pre-war production to the historical rallies.

We will see you in Mantova, on 15th, 16th, 17th and18th September 2016.

Press Office
Gran Premio Nuvolari