October 17th 2016 – Tokyo – Press release no. 12


October 17th 2016 – Tokyo – Press release no. 12
Mr. and Mrs. Takemoto with their Bugatti T35 1926 win for the eighth time in a row La Festa Mille Miglia.

Second runner-up in this beautiful 20th edition of the Japanese Classic, the crew of Takigawa - Takigawa on Osca MT4 dated 1949.

Third runner-up: the Italians Giordano and Stefania Mozzi of their Triumph TR2 from 1952.

After the 11th round of the International Championship Grand'Eventi 2016 the ranking remains unaltered.

There is only one race left, and Vesco and Guerini defend their first place with Daniel Erejomovich in second place, followed by Nino Margiotta, Luca Patron and Francesco di Pietra.

Everything will be decided in the last event of the year: the "1000 Millas Sport" in Argentina, where Daniel Erejomovich will seek the absolute result to overturn the final ranking.

The International Historical Rally Championship continues...

The updated ranking and other info online on www.gpnuvolari.it/en/grand-eventi-regulation.aspx