Eberhard & Co. and the Gran Premio Nuvolari. A collaboration lasting 25 years in the name of Tazio


A history of passion, time and challenges unites Eberhard & Co., the great racing driver Tazio Nuvolari and the famous Gran Premio bearing his name, which this year reaches an important milestone: its 25th edition - or the 29th including the first four historical editions.
The prestigious Swiss watchmaker, specialised in highly technical watches, has dedicated a special collection to the greatest driver of all time and is the partner that first believed in this event, an increasingly important occasion on the classic car calendar: the Gran Premio Nuvolari.

Eberhard & Co. will bring its unmistakable style and elegance as official timekeeper, marking every precious moment experienced by competitors in this spectacular event and celebrating the first quarter century of this collaboration. The brand has had a strong and lasting connection with the fascinating world of speed and classic motor racing since 1991, when it became the timekeeper and official partner of the Gran Premio Nuvolari.

The strong bond which joins the Maison with the most prestigious classic car competitions inspires the ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ range of chronographs, a tribute to the legendary driver, who went down in history as the Flying Mantuan. These include the first chronograph which heralded this partnership, the ‘Vanderbilt Cup’, dedicated to one of Tazio's greatest victories, the limited edition ‘Grand Prix’ and the 'Tazio Nuvolari Date' - the first model in the collection with a date window. Recent models include the 'Tazio Nuvolari Vanderbilt Cup Naked', whose movement can be seen through the transparent caseback and the 'Tazio Nuvolari Solo Tempo', the first 'time only' watch in the collection with a decidedly sporting look. These models blend tradition and innovation to perfection. This year the 'Tazio Nuvolari' collection will once again include a number of interesting innovations.

The ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ timepieces were created with a design philosophy which borrows from the instruments of vintage racing cars. The cockpit of the legendary vehicles in which the Flying Mantuan secured so many victories served as a source of inspiration for Eberhard technicians in creating functional and aesthetic solutions. It was essential for the instruments housed in the dashboard to be basic, clear, easy to read, precise and resistant to shocks and vibrations. Mechanics, design and performance are important characteristics shared by motor racing and high level watchmaking.

“As part of our sponsorship activities we participate in many of the most important vintage car events,” said Mario Peserico, Managing Director of Eberhard Italia. “We select the races that best reflect our brand’s style, elegance, sophistication and attention to details. For us, the Gran Premio Nuvolari is still the event we feel closest to, given the importance of the competition, but above all because of the beauty and charm of an event in which every curve and straight harks back to the myth of one of the greatest drivers of all time.”

Eberhard & Co and the Gran Premio Nuvolari: the story of a passion lasting 25 years!