Press Release n. 2


The cars will have sticked on their body the logo "Forza Giappone!" ("Go Japan!") to pay tribute to the nation shocked by the earthquake, which has always been keen on old cars and represented by the racing stable Scuderia Tazio Nuvolari on the territory.

Mantova, 18th May 2011 - The 21st Gran Premio Nuvolari appointment, organized by the racing stable Scuderia Mantova Corse in collaboration with the Tazio Nuvolari Museum and the Automobile Club of Mantua, will be held from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th September in Mantua, the starting and arrival point.

It is foreseen to repeat the success of last year edition also for the 2011, which has recently received a widespread approval during the official presentation in Essen, at the biggest festival of classic cars in the world. It’s the occasion in which 300 teams - half of the entrants come from abroad - fight up for the title over a distance of a thousand kilometres through the most beautiful routes of the Peninsula and the most fascinating historical cities of the centre and north of Italy.
The coast - to - coast route is very much appreciated, with the Gran Premio Nuvolari touching both the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic, with stages in Pisa and Rimini.
This combination will put the participants in a harsh test for the cars and the drivers’ skills, the reason why the competition is considered a championship world trial and participants, at the same time, will be fascinated by the most picturesque corners of Italy along the route.

Mantua, Parma, Pisa, Livorno, Siena, Arezzo, Rimini, Ravenna, Ferrara and their famous squares - Piazza Sordello, Piazza dei Miracoli, Piazza del Campo - will be the protagonists of the passages and stages as well as the new Viareggio and S. Marino and - during the third and last day - Castel d’Ario, the hometown of the great Tazio, whom the event is titled to.

The important role that the Gran Premio Nuvolari covers amongst the enthusiasts of races for historic cars and the great success of the public, which distinguishes the event from over 20 years, has allowed Audi, Etiqueta Negra and Eberhard & Co, authorative brands of the Italian and international field, to confirm their partnership as official sponsor.
The edition will be mainly characterized by an initiative in support of the Japan population, heavily struck by the recent earthquake. The esteem of the organizers towards Japanese people, always numerous and affectionate participants, has led to the decision of giving a symbolic adhesive to the competitors, characterized by the logo "Forza Giappone" (“Go Japan!”) created on purpose in Italian and Japanese language.

A sign particularly appreciated by Kentaro Kato, the President of the racing stable Scuderia Tazio Nuvolari Asia.

The enrolments’ requests will be opened until July 31 and can be filled in only online, on the web Only cars made between 1919 and 1969 can be admitted, holding the F.I.V.A. passport or F.I.A. Heritage certificate or A.S.I. certification or C.S.A.I. certificate or they have to belong to a brand historical register

For enrolments and information you have to connect with the official and completely renewed website


The racing stable Scuderia Mantova Corse was founded in Mantua in 1981, by a group of twenty year-old motor racing enthusiasts, with the aim of bringing together all the fans of this sport, to share their passion and experience.

On the wave of their enthusiasm and early successes, alongside the purely sporting activity they added the first experience of organizing an event: this was how the Mantova Corse Rally came into being, an off-road rally right in the middle of the Po Plain, on the few unsurfaced roads in the province, between the hills of the Lake Garda area and south of the Po river in the Mantua area.

As the Centenary of the birth of Tazio Nuvolari drew near, the museum devoted to the great champion from Mantua, was looking for a way of becoming more dynamic. For Mantova Corse, it became imperative to take the path of historic motor racing: Gran Premio Nuvolari was evoked.
An International regularity event, held on the third weekend of September, it was to bring to Mantua teams from all over the world, arriving with their splendid cars and with a common intention: to celebrate the figure of the greatest driver of all times.

In addition to the four historic editions held from 1954 to 1957, there are the 20 modern editions of the Nuvolari Grand Prix – 25 in total. The four founding partners of Mantova Corse, Claudio Rossi, Fabio Novelli, Marco Marani and Luca Bergamaschi, continue the same work handed down by the legendary organizers of the 1000 Miglia, paying tribute to the greatest, the most intrepid and the most daring of their predecessors: the legendary Tazio Nuvolari.