Continued enrollment at the 28th edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari. Big news in sight Edition 2014


Mantova July 3, 2014 - was held Wednesday, July 2 in Sirmione the traditional dinner presentation of Gran Premio Nuvolari 2014 who attended - as well as that of the prestigious Partner - pilots and representatives of some of the largest stables Italian, greeted by Mantova Corse, organizer of the event.

Aided by the impressive panorama of the Garda lake, the evening was a great opportunity to unveil the latest news around the new edition: the cars will start as usual from Piazza Sordello, Mantova and will travel 1000 kilometers through the Italian countryside touching seven of the UNESCO heritage sites of the most extraordinary and well known all over the world, including the same Mantua, Modena, Urbino, Arezzo, Siena, Ravenna and Ferrara.

Organized, as every year, the Scuderia Mantova Corse - in collaboration with the Automobile Club Mantova and Tazio Nuvolari Museum - the Gran Premio will be open to 250 historic cars, 500 gentlemen drivers who will compete in a regularity race among the most important the world, with 80 trials, 5 trials of average and 25 controls stamp. Prestigious and loyal partners - Audi, Eberhard & Co., Etiqueta Negra and Banca Generali - have confirmed, with great satisfaction, their support to the event.

The good performance of the inscriptions - with a dead line of July 31 - are showing a significant increase in membership over the previous year, especially among foreign crews, as well presage a significant finding of attendance among Italian drivers.

At the start, Piazza Sordello in the center of Mantua, confirmed the presence of an exceptional crew: Nicola Sodano, mayor of Mantua, with Paul Panera, president of AMAMS - the association valance cars and motorcycles - on board of a car that belonged to none other than Tazio Nuvolari: The best tribute to its illustrious citizen of the City.

Applications for registration will remain open until July 31 and take place exclusively online at Will be allowed only cars manufactured from 1919 to 1969, equipped with a FIVA passport, or chips FIA Heritage, ASI or approval, or CSAI fiche, or belonging to a registry Brand.
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