The death of Tazio Nuvolari, on 11 August 1953, moved all the World. Renzo Castagneto, Aymo Maggi and Giovanni Canestrini were particularly impressed by Tazio’s death. The three men, alongside with Franco Mazzotti who died during the 2nd World War, were the creators of the Mille Miglia, “the most beautiful race in the world. Castagneto, "deus ex machina" of the Mille Miglia and his friends, were very attached to the Mantuan pilot.

They were linked by a close bond of affection and they felt deep consideration and admiration toward this great "man-champion". They also were grateful to him because he contributed a lot to the unrestrainable growing of their "creature". To honor his memory, the traditional itinerary of the Mille Miglia was changed in order to get it pass through Mantova.

Since then the GRAN PREMIO NUVOLARI was established in order to give a price to the fastest pilot, on the route along the impressive straight roads which cross "The Po Valley", starting from Cremona, through Mantova until the finish in Brescia.

GP Nuvolari and Audi : 20 years together

This year, to mark the 2017 Gran Premio Nuvolari, Audi celebrates its 20-year-old partnership with this prestigious race, a record of longevity for the world of sport sponsorship.
But then, the ties between the four-ring marque and the Gran Premio Nuvolari run deep: the car in which the legendary Tazio Nuvolari won at Donington Park Race Track and in the Italian and Yugoslavian Grand Prixs was made by Auto Union, the name used by Audi in that period of its history. The engineers at the time designed theType D - V12 a 485 hp race car fitted with a two-stage compressor. That was back in 1939 and it was already clear that cutting edge technology could make the difference.
Since then, Audi has never stopped striving to reach ever more ambitious targets and achieve excellence. Examples of this are the legendary quattro traction, which has seen surprising levels of technical development over the years, and success in motorsport with the Audi Sport marque.
Many years have passed since it all began, but the spirit of Audi has remained the same: the spirit of someone who never backs out of a challenge, but tackles it with outstanding class and performance. Like Tazio Nuvolari on the race track.

09/17/2017The 9th press release is online!

The invincible Vesco and Guerini triumph at the Gran Premio Nuvolari and are awarded the sixth victory running
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