See you at the 34rd Gran Premio Nuvolari
19th-20th-21th-22th September 2024

09/17/2023The couple Vesco-Vesco triumphs with a 1935 fiat 508 s

The 33rd edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari ended today, with the victory of crew No. 64 formed by the legendary couple Andrea Vesco - Roberto Vesco, respectively son and father, driving a splendid 1935 Fiat 508 S.

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09/16/2023The second stage gets started: the race honoring the "Great Nivola" gets into full swing among the landscapes of central Italy

The first day of the 33rd edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, Italy's most technical international regularity event for historic cars, which until tomorrow.

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09/15/2023The event celebrating the myth of Tazio Nuvolari kicks off in Mantua

With the presence of 275 crews from all over the world and more than 100 pre-war cars.

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