Technical info

Foreign Competitors (Drivers and Co-drivers)

Provided Documents:
- Driving Licence
- Sport Licence, by the own National Sport Auto Association.
- Health certificate a medical statement of health and fitness for non -competitive sports (with ECG tracking) drawn up by own personal doctor.

(For the foreign competitors who are not provided with a Sport License there is the possibility to request the "Tessera di regolarità A.C.I. Sport", which is valid only for an event. It includes also a personal insurance. It can be obtained by checking the appropriate box during the enrollment procedure)

Admitted vehicles

Cars built between 1919 and 1976 will be admitted. The vehicles must have one of the following documents:
- Aci-Historic Cars Regularity Fiche
- HTP (Historical Technical Passport) F.I.A, 
- HTP (Historical Technical Passport) A.C.I, 
- Certificate of enrollment in the “Aci Storico Club” Register 
- Certificate of A.S.I. homologation or identity
- Certificate of enrollment in the National Historic Register AAVS,
- F.I.A. Heritage Pass,
- F.I.V.A. passport

Coefficients "Nuvolari"

In 2000 Mantova Corse conceived a method to award the performance of competitors, based on the age of the cars. Now, this simple system, renamed “Nuvolari Coefficient”, is widely adopted in the world of old cars by organizers and sports Federations.
“Nuvolari Coefficients” will be stated in order to transform the penalties obtained by each crew during the competition. The coefficient of every single car is given according to the following computation: (1 + year of construction of the car / 100).​ Example

- The year of construction of the car: 1927
- Car coefficient: (1+27 / 100) = 1.27
- Hypothetical penalties obtained by the competitor: 500
- Final score: 500x1.27 = 635

 2.nd Example 

- The year of construction of the car: 1969
- Car coefficient: (1+69 / 100) = 1.69
- Hypothetical penalties obtained by the competitor: 500
- Final score: 500x1.69 = 845


Registrations will be open from March 1nd to July 31st 2022.

Sport and technical checks

On Thursday 15th September, from 14:00 to 18:00.
On Friday 16th September from 08:00 to 10:00.

The official start

on Friday 16th September at 11:00
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