Coppa Nuvolari Gran Turismo


By popular demand, the range of cars admitted to the 34th edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari has been expanded.

A special appendix called "Coppa Nuvolari Gran Turismo" will be organized, reserved for a maximum number of 35 Gran Turismos built from 1991 to today, divided into the three categories: "M1" (1991-2000) - "M2" (2001-2010) - “M3” (2011-2024).

These cars must be regularly registered and inspected, equipped exclusively with tires approved for road circulation. Race-ready cars are excluded. Vehicles powered by renewable and alternative energies are permitted. When drawing up the rankings, no coefficient based on the age of the car will be applied.

Participants will be assigned race numbers from n. 301 onwards, based on the age of the cars themselves. Special category and overall rankings will be drawn up which will lead to the awarding of category prizes and the Nuvolari GT Cup.
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