The International Championship Grand'Eventi 2015's award ceremony


Fabio Novelli' photoFabio Novelli' photo
Fabio Novelli' photo
The GRAND’EVENTI 2015’s award ceremony took place today at the Tazio Nuvolari Museum of Mantova. Grand’Eventi is the international championship dedicated to the participants of the classic regularity races for historic cars belonging to the A.C.I./C.S.A.I. calendar and named Grande Evento or Super Classica.

The aim of the championship, organized by Mantova Corse with Automobile Club Mantova and Tazio Nuvolari Museum, is identifying and rewarding the best crew, italian or foreign, among all the participants to the most important events composing the 2015 season calendar.  

According to the purposes of the ranking, for the assignment of the final score, each of the seven “Grandi Eventi” was characterized by an “event coefficient”, expression of three parameters: the track length, the number of the tests and the number of participants.

On the top of the podium GRANDI EVENTI 2015, winning the Tartaruga d’Oro (Golden Turtle) traditional symbol of the Great Nivola, the team Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini, leading actors of a unique season: a second place at the 1000 Miglia and a first place in the Terre di Canossa, 
Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti and Gran Premio Nuvolari.

The Tartaruga d’Argento (Silver Turtle) is assigned to the Argentina’School. The second place is for Juan Tonconogy, 1000 Miglia’s winner with Guillermo Berisso and fifth in the Grand Premio Nuvolari with his girlfriend Barbara Ruffini.

In third place awarded with the Tartaruga di Bronzo (Bronze Turtle), the sicilian Giovanni Moceri, Targa Florio Classic’s winner and second at the Gran Premio Nuvolari with Daniele Bonetti; fifth at the 1000 Miglia with Lucia Galliani.

Also participant at the award ceremony, the winners of the previous editions of Grand’Evernti Championship, Gianmario Fontanella (2013) and Alessandro Gamberini (2014), in addition to a large representation of the major italian teams.

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Fabio Novelli' photoFabio Novelli' photo
Fabio Novelli' photo
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