Etiqueta Negra, news Official Gp Nuvolari 2010 Sponsor


2010 will be a year of triumphs, consolidated by a joint effort backed up by deeply held bedrock values and by a shared hallmark quality of exclusiveness and excellence – this is the world of Gran Premio Nuovolari and Etiqueta Negra polo & sportswear! Two extraordinary universes join forces for new victories, against a backdrop of fascination and competition.

Etiqueta Negra polo & sportswear is an Italian brand with Argentine origins. The brand is owned by Indas, based in Medolago (Bergamo). Etiqueta Negra polo & sportswear has already sponsored other auto sports events, such as the 1000 Millas Argentina. The brand reflects a truly impressive wealth of cultural inputs, thanks to which men and women set themselves apart in terms of refinement, charme, class, elegance and the allure of exclusiveness. “It is an honour for us to be so closely associated with Gran Premio Nuvolari, one of the most prestigious competitive events in Europe. Our involvement goes beyond sponsorship. We share a philosophy of life and a passion for what we do,” says Flavio Abati, chairman of Indas.

Regularity specialists consider Gran Premio Nuvolari a sort of world championship event - a unique trial to select the top regularity driver. Very many foreigners take part. This confirms the quality of the event, and also reflects the force of attraction exerted even today among auto fans worldwide by the historic figure of Tazio Nuvolari.

An exclusive world with a markedly, passionately, sporting spirit, and with an eye on future prospects, for future triumphs for great vintage vehicles of unmatchable elegance, driven by gentlemen and champions, whose apparel and charme expresses the essence of Etiqueta Negra polo & sportswear.
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