Etiqueta Negra


The label on a garment of clothing, but that’s not all. Etiquette is an international term: a way of life, and of thinking, that has now become a way of dressing - our way.

Yet it also expresses the possibility of combining sport and glamour, in a line that encompasses both men and women, and is inspired by the lifestyle of the international jet set. The game of polo and vintage sports cars are the symbols of a spirit without frontiers, which translates into garments made with an all-Italian dedication to crafting even the smallest details; perfection as an approach to life and to sport, with a winning character and a dominant personality.

The refined elegance of the Etiqueta Negra polo and sportswear style is encapsulated through a restrained, but decisive, range of colours: white, black, blue, khaki and grey are the base colours, embellished by touches of red, violet, cobalt and green, in a perfect equilibrium of vibrant tones and natural nuances.
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