Gran Premio Nuvolari
Mantua - Italy, 15/16/17 September 2006

Film GP Nuvolari 2006
The name of Tazio Nuvolari, a champion of competitive spirit and humanity, is strictly connected to another legend of the world motor racing, which still lives today under the name of Audi.
In the Thirties, indeed, the great pilot rode the mythical Auto Union "silver arrows", starting a tradition that stretches to modern days and it’s made of success and ongoing innovation.

Nuvolari's myth lives again every September thanks to the efforts of the Mantova Corse Organizer Committee which, together with the Tazio Nuvolari Museum and ACI Mantova, carries on the tradition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari. The international reliability trial is reserved to vintage cars and was born in the 1953 to honour the memory of the great Mantuan pilot, who died in August of the same year. The track is inspired by the Mille Miglia ("Thousand Miles"), to which the passage to Mantua, the birth city of the speed champion, was added.
The formula, reliability trial, is reserved to cars built between 1919 and 1973 and allows the new generation of pilots to measure themselves with cars that wrote the history of those days, in honour of the biggest, bravest and most audacious of their predecessors.

This year Gran Premio Nuvolari is at its 53rd edition, 300 people met in Mantua Piazza Sordello, for the starting of the race. After racing through the Pianura Padana, Parma and the Passo della Cisa, the pilots went on to Viareggio, where they stopped for the first leg. The most beautiful squares of Pisa, Livorno, Siena and Arezzo saw the crews speeding towards the Adriatic. Rimini is indeed the destination of the second leg, which challenged the pilots in a quite difficult "coast to coast".

The third and last leg ran along the Adriatic Coast until Comacchio, in order to turn towards Ferrara and finally come back to Mantua. Wonderful cars take part every year to Gran Premio Nuvolari; they are authentic vintage jewels, perfectly working, which contribute to make the race more and more prestigious year after year. Gran Premio Nuvolari is actually considered the second international race after the Mille Miglia. Audi has been partner of the event for 9 years.

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