15th September 2018 – The first stage of the 28th edition of Gran Premio Nuvolari, the regularity race for classic cars created between 1919 and 1972, finished yesterday night in Cesenatico.
After the spectacular departure in the beautiful frame of Piazza Sordello in Mantua and after the time tests in the heart of the Po Valley, today the Gran Premio Nuvolari is really getting going. The 300 cars, which left Rimini early this morning, will parade among the beauties of the middle Italy, facing the curves and slopes of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, crossing cities and historical squares that belong to the fascinating race route, such as Siena, Arezzo, Città di Castello and Urbino. 

The provisional rank, after 26 time tests during the first stage, currently sees all Italian crews in the lead: first Moceri e Bonetti, n. 81, driving a 1939 Fiat 508C. At the second place Di Pietra - Di Pietra n.78 (Fiat 508C, 1938), followed by Sala - Bacci n.73 (Lancia Aprilia, 1937), then Belometti - Vavassori n.44 (Fiat 508 Balilla Spider Sport, 1932) and, with equal merit, Patron – Casale n.4 (Bentley 3Litre, 1925) and Gamberini - Poli n.72 (Fiat 508C, 1937). 

Tonight the cars will go back to Rimini and they will parade on the stage prepared in Piazza Tre Martiri; the cars will then move to Piazza Fellini in front of the historical Grand Hotel where since ever, at the end of the second day of the race, a gala dinner in a complete Fellini style is organized, in honour of Tazio Nuvolari, the greatest driver of all times. 

The event, organised by Mantova Corse with Automobile club Mantova and Museo Tazio Nuvolari, is reserved to classic cars built from 1919 to 1972, according to the F.I.A, F.I.V.A., ACI Storico and ACI Sport regulations. 

Prestigious sponsors have always accompanied the Gran Premio Nuvolari: from this year Maserati is the “Main Partner” of the race; the timeless charm of the car manufacturer from Modena will join Red Bull -“Special Partner”, Eberhard & Co. -“Official Partner & Timekeeper” and Banca Generali -“Official Partner and Private Bank”. 

Gran Premio Nuvolari is supported by Automobile Club Italia and ACI Storico.

Updated Rank after the first stage – 14th of September
1 Moceri - Bonetti n.81 FIAT 508C 1939
2 Di Pietra - Di Pietra n.78 FIAT 508C 1938
3 Sala - Bacci n.73 LANCIA APRILIA 1937
4 Belometti - Vavassori n.44 FIAT 508 BALILLA SPIDER SPORT 1932
5 Patron - Casale n.4 BENTLEY 3LITRE 1925
6 Gamberini - Poli n.72 FIAT 508C 1937
7 Turelli - Turelli n.49 FIAT 508 SPORT FIGINI 1933
8 Sisti - De Angelis n.28 LANCIA LAMBDA CASARO 1929
9 Vesco - Guerini n.29 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1750 SS ZAGATO 1929
10 Margiotta - La Chiana n.88 VOLVO PV 444 1947

The details of the 28th edition of the race: 

Attendance: 300 crews, of which 5 female and 5 under 30, to confirm the success of the Gran Premio Nuvolari (a tribute to the professionality and the experience of Mantova Corse, that has been organising the event in honour of Tazio Nuvolari for 28 year). 

Admitted vehicles: from 1919 to 1972. 

Route: the 2018 edition proposes a new route of 1070 km. 

- First stage: from Mantua, through the Po valley and the Appennines until the Adriatic Coast. At 11:00 the race will start from Piazza Sordello, heading to the Nuvolari Circuit to dispute the trials before driving uphill towards Emilia Romagna. The first stage will finish in the Adriatic Coast, with a dinner at the Grand Hotel Da Vinci in Cesenatico. 

- Second stage: the most intense day of the Gran Premio. After the departure from Rimini, the competitors will cross the beauties of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, passing through the historical centres of Siena, Arezzo, Città di Castello and Urbino, finally coming back to Rimini. The day will conclude in the charming rooms of the Grand Hotel of Rimini for the official evening in honour of Tazio Nuvolari. 

- Third stage: for the ultimate sprint, the crews will start from Rimini for the last chronometrical trials, touching Cesena, Meldola, Forlì and Faenza, as guests of the Racing Team Toro Rosso. After the trials of the Circuito Ariosteo of Ferrara, they will head back to Mantua, Tazio Nuvolari‘s hometown, where the winners will parade on a stage in Piazza Sordello. 

Coppa Nuvolari - Maserati Tribute: an appendix of the Gran Premio, a race in the race, where 10 Maserati cars built from 1973 to 2018 will show up. The caravan of the marvellous vehicles of the Modenese car manufacturer will parade with the classic cars among the Italian roads, warmed by the enthusiasm of the public. 

Special Crews: 

The mythical car of Tazio: the Maserati 6C-34, designed by Ernesto Maserati, following the new international formula based on the limit weight of 750 kg. In 1934, at the wheel of this same car, Tazio Nuvolari won the Modena Circuit and he was awarded the Coppa Principessa of the Piemonte in the Naples circuit. The n.1 car of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, that belonged to the Umberto Panini Collection of Modena, will be exposed for three days of competition in Piazza Sordello. 

For Eberhard, Miki Biasion will be back. The mythical rally pilot two-times world champion, will drive a 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint, with the number 190 beside Mario Peserico, General Director of Eberhard & Co. 

With Red Bull at the Racing Team Toro Rosso in Faenza: same as last year, the “old-time bolides” of the Gran Premio Nuvolari will parade next to the super modern F1 vehicles. Indeed, on Sunday, 16 September the path will reach Piazza del Popolo, in the centre of Faenza, for the stamp checks among the F1 cars that have dressed the colours of the Racing Team Toro Rosso over the last 10 years.

The event in honour of Nuvolari is the second for importance within the “EpocaChampionship”, the Italian “Grandi Eventi” Campionship of ACI Sport, that includes the Coppa d’Oro of the Dolomiti (19th -22nd July 2018), the Targa Florio (04th-07th October 2018) and the Coppa delle Alpi by 1000 Miglia (04th-09th December 2018). 
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