Mantova Corse revolutionizes the Gran Premio Nuvolari with the Argo Racing technology


Mantova Corse, the Organizer of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, announced today to have chosen the Argo Racing technological platform for the organizational management and safety of the 29th modern edition of its event.

The use of Argo Racing with its web platform, apps and localisers, will give an important technological and innovative contribution to the historic rally, both from an organizational and brand image point of view. The directive committee of the event will be able to visualize in real time the position of each crew, the position of all the officials, the requests for assistance, the entry and exit from the average tests, the points of interest (closed parks ...) and the speed. Argo Racing also greatly improves safety, since in an emergency the pilots can send an alarm that instantly identifies their position and allows the race director not only to alert the necessary help in real time, but also to promptly notify others crews on the same route.

Another interesting news is aimed at the audience and fans, who will be able to follow the race along all the 1000 km route on the Public Platform with web access. The historic rally that runs from Mantua through scenic roads and routes across five regions becomes an even more compelling and engaging event even for spectators, who can follow the race through their smartphones and tablets, viewing the position of each single crew in real time.

Argo Racing also allows the sponsors of the event to have more visibility, thanks to the ample space on the Public Platform, without compromising its pleasantness and functionality.

“We had no doubts in choosing the Argo Racing technology for this 29th edition of the Nuvolari. We wanted to give an extra gear to the historic rally, guarantee the maximum in terms of safety for the riders in the race and improve coordination, keeping the entire race under control in all its stages. We found a digital platform capable of managing all aspects of the event in a unified and innovative way” said Luca Bergamaschi. “We are proud of bringing Argo Racing to support such a prestigious event as the GP dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari, to offer a new way to manage and follow the race", says Luca Zigliani, CTO of Argo Racing.

Mantova Corse: founded in Mantova in 1981, the Organization has been busy over the years with sports and organizational activities. Since 1991 it has been organizing Gran Premio Nuvolari, reserved for historic cars.

The Gran Premio Nuvolari is an international regularity race reserved for classic cars, according to the F.I.A. / F.I.V.A. / A.C.I. Sport regulations. After the four historical speed editions from 1954 to 1957, the race since 1991 has become a re-enactment of the traditional Gran Premio.

Argo Racing is the innovative technological platform dedicated to all motor racing and motorcycles activities on the road. Created by ArgoPro, it is an advanced and flexible solution equipped with all the tools for real-time monitoring of races and competitors.
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