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«When Nuvolari runs – an old Lucio Dalla’s song says - trees along the street bend, brokens of bottles along the walls are reducted to pulp, all the dust is sweeped away».

It’s a song dedicated to speed that we remember everytime we talk about the Son of the wind. In particular in theese days in which feverish preparations for the 20th edition of Gran Premio Nuvolari, from Thursady 16th to Sunday 19th September. Motor racing lovers can prepare their cars: they already can be entered into the reliability trial organized by Mantova Corse with Tazio Nuvolari museum and Automobile club Mantova to remember the flying Mantuan. He was called in so many ways: The masketeer of the risk, Nivola, Campionissimo, The ace driver, The master. Enzo Ferrari simply defined him «the best», Ferdinand Porsche «the biggest racing car driver of past, present and future». Today what honors him in the best way is the inscription above his tombstone: «You will run faster along heaven’s streets». His death (August 11th 1953) shocked all the world: he had won 141 races and five international speed records and he had had a thirty-years career. Most shocked were Mille Miglia’s protagonists: Renzo Castagneto, Aymo Maggi and Giovanni Canestrini. They had created «the most beautiful race in the world» with Franco Mazzotti. Traditional run of Mille Miglia was modified and the race started to pass trough Mantua in the name of Tazio. And so Gran Premio Nuvolari was born and became the most important race in the heart of Pianura Padana. Today it’s a reliability trial, a sort of world championship that the best specialists dream. Three hundred teams from all over the world are fighting for winning next september. Vintage cars are running for one thousand kilometres in many of the most beautiful places in Italy: from piazza Sordello, in the heart of Mantua, to Parma and to piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, near the famous tower. The second stage is from Pisa to Rimini, passing through piazza del Campo in Siena and piazza Grande in Arezzo. Then cars are coming back to Mantua after Ariosteo circuit in the centre of Ferrara. There is also an optional program for concurrents who want to spend Thursday in Mantua (limited offer for 100 equipes). To join Gran Premio Nuvolari you have to connect with the official website until July 31th (after the end of the registration applications will be screened by the Committee for acceptance and allocation of the number of race). Cars built between 1919 and 1969 can be admitted. Vehicles must have F.I.V.A. passport or F.I.A. heritage or they have to belong to another brand historical register.

Partners of the event are the municipalities of Mantova, Pisa and Rimini, district of Mantova, Lombardia region and Italian Senate. Sponsors are Audi, Eberhard & Co., Etiqueta Negra and Mol-Ies. Technical partners are Siglacom, Next, Soluzione Group Coomunication, Gare d’Epoca, Aci Global, Grand Hotel Rimini, Barone Ricasoli e Renè Photo. Mantova Corse is waiting for vintage cars lovers to celebrate the best racing car driver ever: the great Nivola, Tazio Nuvolari.
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