Red Bull gives wings to an ageless passion: the Gran Premio Nuvolari related exclusively by Irene Saderini.


To revive the positive myth of Tazio Nuvolari and accompany the many enthusiasts in an extraordinary journey aboard masterpieces of mechanics and design, passion and a lot of energy are needed. It is in this spirit that Red Bull - which has the passion for engines in its DNA - has decided to renew its support to the Gran Premio Nuvolari and to contribute to offer timeless emotions to the great audience of one of the most fascinating races in the world of vintage cars. 
The Gran Premio Nuvolari related by Irene Saderini: this year Red Bull has chosen the famous journalist, a true motor enthusiast very popular on social media, to tell the story, the legend, but also the color and warmth of the Gran Premio Nuvolari in her unique way, at the same time competent and ironic. Through her social accounts (@lasaderini on Instagram and and exclusively on, Irene will show the top (but also the flop!) moments of a unique event in the world. 
From history to news: Red Bull will accompany the participants and the public coming from all over the world also this year. The crews and the enthousiasts are expected to converge at the heart of Mantova to leave then to face over one thousand kilometers of a journey that combines tradition and passion, challenge and competition. An event always considered among the most important within the international regularity calendar.  

Red Bull is, since its foundation, a brand active in the world of 2 and 4 wheel motorsports with projects ranging from youth categories (eg, to the top classes ( eg,, from asphalt to offroad (eg, rallye-raid) always with the intent to give wings to the best talents, to their ideas and to the passion of the fans. 
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