The 27th Edition of the most beautiful Classic Car Race in the world comes to an end in Mantua today 

17th September 2017 – With the absolute win of the Team Nr. 84 of Andrea Vasco and Andrea Guerini – Special Team Eberhard, the 27th Edition of Gran Premio Nuvolari, which left Mantua three days ago, has come to an end today. The team gets the 6 th title running (7 victories overall) in the race in honour of Tazio Nuvolari after winning the Mille Miglia in 2017, too.

The pair from Brescia gets to the first place with their BMW 328 of the year 1939 by just two hundredths of a second even though it seemed like they had to settle for a second place this morning after being for two days on the top. All this after a pulse pounding head-to-head against the Italian Argentinian Team Nr. 11 of Juan Tonconogy and Barbara Ruffini on a Bugatti TYPE40 of the year 1927 who got the 2nd place. A great race and an incredible recover for the third team on the list, the Nr. 39 of Belometti – Vavassori with a Fiat 508 Balilla Spider Sport of the year 1932, which proved a team with nerve and ability in “Circuito Ariosteo” but also in each of the three special stages.

It is a victory underlining the extraordinary skill of the champions, who chose to race on a car with a lower coefficient compared to the last years on purpose. Instead of a Fiat 508 S Balilla Spider Sport of the year 1934, they chose a car of the year 1939.

The results of the third stage and the clarity of mind during the special stages are even more surprising if you consider the downpour and the treacherous curves of the second day, which strained the endurance of the teams. At the end of the day, the cars came back to Rimini welcomed by the sun and the applause of the public, even if the cars “Barchetta” had become actual swimming pools.

256 teams out of the 300 who had officially left to face the 1050km route crossed the finish line after driving not only through the extraordinary cities of Urbino, Arezzo, Siena and Ferrara and through further places of extraordinary beauty but also through the racetracks of Modena and Misano.

The Gran Premio Nuvolari is a unique adventure – the most beautiful race in the world according to enthusiasts and participants – which must be lived to the fullest. It is made of happiness, sportsmanship and a fair amount of preparation and but also of endurance against unforeseen elements.

“It was really hard this year and we resisted till the last trials. We have had much success in the past years but winning such a difficult race is for us a big satisfaction. All this with a car different from our Balilla and with a lower coefficient.” – declares Andrea Vesco with Andrea Guerini, the winners of the 27th Edition of Gran Premio Nuvolari.

“We come from Brescia, but for us “the Nuvolari” the very race. It is completely different from the Mille Miglia in terms of route duration and of how points are calculated – confirms Mr. Guerini – The team from Argentina gave us a hard time. Thanks to the excellent work of the organisation, the race is increasingly international and more and more formidable opponents take part.

The 27th edition of the race confirms the great success of Gran Premio Nuvolari organised by Mantova Corse together with ACI Mantova and Museo Tazio Nuvolari. It is the result of a great and skilled organisation. The contribution of the Main Partner Audi was crucial as always: the car company was present with Tazio’s mythical Auto Union Type D of the year 1939, which was exposed in Piazza Sordello during the three days of the race. A guarantee in terms of punctuality and presence, the Swiss company Eberhardt & Co., who is the official Timekeeper of the event, rewards the winners with two elements of their collections: two chronographs Tazio Nuvolari Data. The contribution of Banca Generali, leader in the field of sparing is also fundamental just like Red Bull, the newcomer among the sponsors of Gran Premio Nuvolari to pay tribute to the great “Nivola”, who allegedly pioneered the modern action sports. 

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