Gran Premio Nuvolari 2017: countdown for the 27th edition of the re-enactment Mantua is ready to welcome over 300 wonderful cars from all over the world.


Gran Premio Nuvolari 2017: countdown for the 27th edition of the re-enactment Mantua is ready to welcome over 300 wonderful cars from all over the world.

5th September 2017 – There are only 10 days to start and Gran Premio Nuvolari (15th to 17th September) is getting underway. More than 300 Teams are going to come to Mantua with their mythical cars from all over the world: they are ready to spurt to celebrate the myth of Tazio Nuvolari during one of the most fascinating races in the world.  
The rally, which is dedicated to classic cars built between 1919 and 1972, is organised by Mantova Corse together with Automobile Club Mantova and Museo Tazio Nuvolari in compliance with F.I.A., F.I.V.A. e ACI Storico and ACI Sport regulations. Prominent sponsors support the event ever since: Audi – “Main Partner & Official Car, Eberhard & Co., “Official Partner & Time Keeper” and Banca Generali, “Official Partner & Private Bank”. From this year the list grows thanks to Red Bull which has joined our team as GPN’s  “Special Partner”.  
The 2017 Edition brings important news together with vintage cars everlasting charm, whose perfectly preserved bodyworks let us recall a past starting from the first post-war and finishing with the mythical 1970s after living again the unforgettable style of the “Dolce Vita”.  

The 27th edition: entries from all over the world and numbers exceeding 2016
315 cars enrolled for this edition, confirming the success of the format of Gran Premio Nuvolari. It is a recognition to professionality and experience of Mantova Corse, who has been organizing the event to honour the great “Nivola” for 27 years.  
Many car brands will be present at the start: Italian Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, OM and Ferrari; British Triumph, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Bentley; American Ford, Buick and Chrisler; German Auto Union, DKW, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and the French pursang signed Ettore Bugatti. The world excellence of car production gathers on the historic Piazza Sordello for an immersion into the past. Not only are Italians strongly present at the event, but a large audience from abroad renews a great interest to it, too: over 174 teams come from Europe, Asia, America and even Australia!  

Tradition and innovation with distinguished teams and special cars
Like every year during the Gran Premio Nuvolari the presence of Auto Union Type D, a Grand Prix car by the four-ringed company which was driven by the “flying Mantuan” during the Belgrade Grand Prix of 1939, will be essential.  
The German company will stand out during the race, too: the cars No. 100 and 101, two Audi Tradition Cup URQUATTRO of 1988 and of 1990 will compete in a race in the race. They will be driven along the GPN route together with other autos but for a separate prize. 

Miki Biasion will drive in the Eberhard Team driving an Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint of 1956 with the No. 202.

The two teams No. 181 and No. 182 will compete for Banca Generali with a Porsche 356 1500 Speedster of 1955 and an Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint Zagato of 1955.
New route
The 2017 Edition has a new fascinating route:

First stage: Teams will start on September 15th at 11.00 AM from the historic Piazza Sordello. They will cross the Po Valley and the Apennines to reach the Adriatic Riviera.   
• Friday, September 15th, from Mantua to Rimini.  We will start at 11.00 AM from Piazza Sordello to reach the “Circuito Nuvolari” in Mantova for city competitions, then a stop at Modena Racetrack before heading for the hills of Emilia Romagna up to Faenza. There will be a stop there for the first time ever at the Scuderia Toro Rosso for time controls and for a picture of the cars that have run with Scuderia Red Bull  for the past 10 years.  The first stage will come to an end with the dinner at Grand Hotel da Vinci in Cesenatico.  

Second stage: on September 16th, start from Rimini on the extraordinary hills of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. Return in Rimini. 
• Saturday 16th, start and finish in Rimini. The city in Romagna will play a crucial role in the second stage: it is the start and finish point of a route going through some of the most beautiful villages of Marche, Umbria and Tuscany. As usual the Grand Hotel of Rimini will host the official evening in honour of Tazio Nuvolari.

Third stage: on September 17th  the race will start in Rimini for the last spurt and will go through the cities of Emilia Romagna to arrive in Mantua, Tazio Nuvolari’s hometown. The winners will then show on the stage in Piazza Sordello. It is a 1024 route including not only the two Racetracks of Modena and Misano Adriatico this year but also villages and places full of beauty. A journey putting together history, passion, tradition and elegance. 
• Sunday 17th, from Rimini to the finish in Mantua  After driving to Meldola and Piazza Duomo in Forlì , the cars will then come to Ferrara, where they will face the “Circuito Ariosteo”. The chequered flag will drop at 13.30 for the arrival of the first car on the finish in Piazza Sordello after 1024 km, 85 time trials, 5 average trials with 12 checks.

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