POST EVENT PRESS RELEASE Award ceremony at Bibiena Theatre: Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini winners of the 27th edition

Mantua, September 25th 2013 - The 27th edition finished Sunday evening with the award ceremony at Bibiena Theatre. The winner for the second year one after the other is the crew
Andrea Vesco - Andrea Guerini on Fiat 508 S Balilla Sport y. 1934, followed by Fabio Salvinelli and Maurizio De Marco (Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Super Sport 1928) and in the third place the crew Fortin - Pilè on MG TA 1936.
The sadisfaction of the organizer team Mantova Corse was great, and all the crews appreciate it: in particular everybody noted the copious regularity tests and the novelity of the route, throughout unexpected and striking landscapes of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Tuscany.
Gratitude and applauses have been espressed to the partners - Audi Italia, Eberhard & Co., Etiqueta Negra  and Banca Generali- and to the exponents of several institutions, first of all the Mayor of Mantua Nicola Sodano, who made the ancient magnificent squares of Mantua available for the event.

"Worldwide Welcome", the greetings from Claudio Rossi of Scuderia Mantova Corse, did welcome the crews from all over  the world.
The three organizers, Claudio Rossi, Luca Bergamaschi and Marco Marani presented the award ceremony at Bibiena Theatre in Mantua.
The announcement of the winners took place in front of a copious and passionate public. A warm applause has been for the police, that granted as usual a safety journey for everybody during the 1041 km route.
A moving moment touched everyone during the delivery of the Franco Marenghi Cup, in memory of a great president of ACI Mantova, given by his son Vittorio to Mr. Carsten Von der Heyden and his little daughter Josephine. The German pilot traditionally joins the race with one of his four children, and this year won the Franco Marenghi Cup for the third time, proving his harmony with the domestic values so important for the "Grande Nivola".
Lucia Fanti and Sandra Murru on Porsche AT2 Cabrio won the prize dedicate to women, the Yvette Jolly Cup.
The Alboreto prize was given by the ACI Mantova President Giancarlo Pascal to the first foreign crew: Juan Tonconogy, the winner of the last Mille Miglia, with Barbara Ruffini, on Bugatti 40 y.1927. Mario Peserico, CEO of Eberhard Italia, delivered to the group "Gli Svizzeri" the prize for the first foreign team.
The Classic Team Eberhard showed also in this edition its value, winning the prize for the best Italian group.
The prize for the best Mantuan crew, the Magelli Cup, was given to Mozzi - Biacca on Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 GS TF Zagato.

The first thirty places were given the silver cup by Audi, traditional and illustrious partner. Paolo Della Piana for Audi Italia applauded the pilots, helped during the whole route by service cars by Audi: the "Mantovano Volante" himself, if only he were still alive, would love to drive these elegant and reliable cars.
The third place is for the crew Fortin Pilè on MG TA y.1936, team CAMS Rovigo. The silver medal is for Fabio Salvinelli and Maurizio de Marco with their Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Super Sport 1928 from the Alfa Romeo Museum, for the first two days of competition on the top of the ranking list.
Winners of the Audi Cup and the chronograph by Eberhard & Co are Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini with their Fiat 508 S Balilla Sport y. 1934 - Registro Italiano Fiat.
This is the second win in consecutive sequence for Andrea Vesco at Gran Premio Nuvolari and the third from 2010. He started when he was 14 as co-pilot with his father Roberto. In this race he underlined the value of his foe Salvinelli remembering that the edition 1999 finished with the opposite result: Salvinelli won with his co-driver Danieli and the crew Vesco in the second place.

Several striking moments carachterized the Gran Premio Nuvolari 2013. The passage through two racetracks in Modena "The Green Circuit" and in Imola at the "Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari", the stage at Panzano Castle in Castelfranco Emilia, owned by the well known collector of vintage cars and motorbikes Mario Righini, the lunch at Brolio Castle in the middle of the wonderful countryside of Tuscany, the gala dinner at Grand Hotel in Rimini, the stage through Piazza del Campo in Siena and of course the award ceremony and the proclamation of the crew Vesco - Guerini at Bibiena Theatre, in a solemn and evocative atmosphere.

The Gran premio Nuvolari is again the historical event for passionate crews from all over the world, underlining good competition in a synergy of sport, culture and tourism, thank to the beauty of the landscapes, background for one of the most important events for vintage cars all over the world.
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