Scuderia Mantova Corse


Mantua, 16th September 2010
The racing stable Scuderia Mantova Corse was founded in Mantua in 1981, by a group of twenty year-old motor racing enthusiasts, with the aim of bringing together all the fans of this sport, to share their passion and experience.

On the wave of their enthusiasm and early successes, alongside the purely sporting activity they added the first experience of organizing an event: This was how the Mantova Corse Rally came into being, an off-road rally right in the middle of the Po Plain, on the few unsurfaced roads in the province, between the hills of the Lake Garda area and south of the Po river in the Mantua area. In just a decade the event became very important on the Italian rally scene and was included by the C.S.A.I. in the national TRT (Off-Road Rally Trophy) championship.

In 1991, as the Centenary of the birth of Tazio Nuvolari drew near, the museum devoted to the great champion from Mantua, in the cramped 14th century Palazzo del Capitano, in the heart of Mantua, was looking for a way of becoming more dynamic. For Mantova Corse, it became imperative to take the path of historic motor racing: The Nuvolari Grand Prix was evoked. An International regularity event, held on the third weekend of September, it was to bring to Mantua teams from all over the world, arriving with their splendid cars and with a common intention: to celebrate the figure of the greatest driver of all times.

In addition to the four historic editions held from 1954 to 1957, which had been the idea of Renzo Castagneto, Aymo Maggi and Giovanni Canestrini, the threesome who with Franco Mazzotti had conceived and produced the “greatest race in the world”, there are the 21 modern editions of the Nuvolari Grand Prix. The four founding partners of Mantova Corse, Claudio Rossi, Fabio Novelli, Marco Marani and Luca Bergamaschi, continue the same work handed down by the legendary organizers of the 1000 Miglia. The purpose is the same: to allow drivers of the new generations to try their hand at cars, which have written the history of that time, paying tribute to the greatest, the most intrepid and the most daring of their predecessors: the legendary Tazio Nuvolari.
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