The Audi A7 Sportback star of the Gran Premio Nuvolari


• 20th edition for the classic car race dedicated to the driver of Mantua
• The “Urquattro” as starter to celebrate the 30 years of quattro drivetrain
• The new A7 Sportback shown in Mantua, Pisa and Rimini

Audi is sponsor of the Gran Premio Nuvolari for the 13th time in a row. The famous classic car race, which is celebrating this year its 20th edition, starts from Mantua and brings the participants in Pisa and Rimini.

Audi has chosen the Gran Premio Nuvolari to commemorate an important anniversary in Italy: the 30 Years of the quattro drivetrain. In 1980, in fact, the first Audi quattro debuted at the Geneva Auto Show.

This year, an Audi “Urquattro” of 1988, driven by the famous classic car driver Luciano Viaro, is the exceptional starter of the competition. The Audi “Urquattro” is equipped with a turbocharged 5 cylinder, 2.5 litre, which gives an overall output of 200 PS, and reaches a maximum speed of 222 km/h.

Linking its glorious past with the most recent cars, Audi has chosen the brand new A7 Sportback as star of the Gran Premio Nuvolari.

The A7 Sportback is a five doors coupe, which embodies the latest technology in terms of four wheel drive, and offers the timeless elegance of a classic sedan. The car is equipped with the next generation of the quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, featuring the crown-gear center differential and torque vectoring. The rear sport differential is also available as an option.
Thanks to this features, the A7 Sportback is more precise, agile and stable.

In Mantua, in Piazza Sordello, a special A1 “Competition” has been shown to celebrate the official launch of the A1 in the Italian market.

As usual, a selection of cars from the Audi Museum of Ingolstadt attend the Gran Premio Nuvolari 2010. The "team" is composed by one NSU 1000 Sport, two NSU TT 1200, one NSU Wankel Spider, three DKW F91, one DKW Monza e one DKW F93 Cabrio.

For the joy of classic car enthusiasts, in Piazza Sordello Audi brings also a unique Auto Union Typ D Doppelkompressor, a competition car dating from 1938, with an output of 475 PS.
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