The couple Vesco-Vesco triumphs with a 1935 fiat 508 s


17th September 2023

The 33rd edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari ended today, with the victory of crew No. 64 formed by the legendary couple Andrea Vesco - Roberto Vesco, respectively son and father, driving a splendid 1935 Fiat 508 S. The top drivers distinguished themselves from the very first trials, demonstrating maximum concentration, technical competence and great sporting spirit, in what was a hard-fought race together with the best and most important Italian and foreign regulars, characterized by warm and sunny weather for all four days. This was their ninth win at the Gran Premio Nuvolari, in the year celebrating its 33rd edition.
"It was a very exciting race, I like to say that I participate to win; this one today, however, can be considered almost an equal victory, because only a few hundredths of a second have always divided the leading crews. My passion for cars started very naturally, my father has always loved vintage cars since the 1970s when they were still not considered vintage. I did my first competition when I was just 12 years old, I have been racing for 30 years now," declares Andrea Vesco.
"This edition was particularly challenging and intense, more suffered than usual, at the end with the competitors competing for the podium only a few hundredths of a second separated us, but when it comes to the last bars you have to be very careful never to lose concentration, which is essential to achieve the goal," adds Roberto Vesco.
Second place was occupied by the No. 59 crew of Turelli-Turelli, at the wheel of a 1934 Fiat 508 Sport Coppa Oro with which they had already triumphed in the 2021 edition, in what was one of the most gripping head-to-head battles of the race.
Third place went to crew No. 6 in a 1937 Fiat 508 C composed of the Passanante-Molgora pair. In fourth place was the Fontanella-Covelli pair (No. 3), in a 1927 Lancia Lambda Spyder, and fifth-place finishers, Patron-Patron, (crew No. 55) driving a 1933 MG L Magna, both crews the authors of an important comeback in the finale.
The event was well attended: in fact, 275 crews came from all over the world and were selected by a special committee, testifying to the enthusiasm generated by what is considered one of the most beautiful races in the world. The myth of the Great Tazio lives again thanks to the numerous gentlemen drivers who share the values of the Mantovano Volante such as sportsmanship, courage and passion and the emotions of an extraordinary journey aboard real masterpieces of history, mechanics and design.
Numerous countries representing the whole world (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Luxembourg, Holland, Hungary, the United States, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan, Poland, Monte Carlo, the Republic of San Marino) and 49 car manufacturers competing, from the Italian Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari and Fiat, to the English Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley and Triumph, to the German Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, up to the French pursang designed by Ettore Bugatti. This year there were more than 100 pre-war cars (manufactured from 1932 to 1939) taking part in the event.
The presence of numerous cars from the 1950s is also significant: there were 150 participants who raced with Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche cars from those years.

This 33rd edition features the confirmed partners Red Bull, Banca Generali, Finservice Group, to which are added the collaborations with the auction house Wannenes (official partner), Locman-Italy (Time keeper and Official Partner) and Penske Cars (Automotive partner), thanks to which the "Nuvolari" reaffirms some of its fundamental characteristics: the spirit of sporting competition, historical celebration and itinerant tourism.
With sensitivity towards environmental protection, the "Gran Premio Nuvolari Green" initiative will be proposed again this year, an important ecological action carried out with the patronage of the Municipality of Mantua: the environmental impact caused by the circulation of historic cars - in terms of CO2 emissions - will be compensated by planting tall trees in selected areas of the town.
Organized by Mantova Corse, the event will take place in compliance with F.I.A, F.I.V.A., A.S.I. and A.C.I. Sport regulations, with particular attention to the safety protocols launched by national and international sports.

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