The event celebrating the myth of Tazio Nuvolari kicks off in Mantua


The 33rd edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, Italy's most technical international regularity event for historic cars, kicked off today. Until 17 September it will bring together in Mantua, the city from which the Grand Premio Nuvolari starts and finishes, the elite of classic enthusiasts together with cars of timeless charm to pay homage to the myth of the 'Great Nivola', the legendary sportsman who, more than any other, marked the history of 20th century motor racing.

This year, 275 crews from all over the world and selected by a special committee will take part in the competition, reflecting the excitement generated by what is considered one of the most beautiful races in the world.

After the classic pre-race scrutineering, the 'Premio Mantova 2023' was held, a 7.5 km night prologue that enlivened the streets of Mantua's historical center yesterday evening, Thursday 14 September, with the Italian father and son duo Chiari - Chiari (no. 93) in a 1939 Fiat 508 C as winners.

Second place went to the Italian crew Lui - Vicchi (no. 104) in a 1939 Lancia Aprilia 1350 Classic Team A.S.D. and third to Passanante - Molgora (no. 6) in a 1937 Fiat 508 C F.M. Franciacorta Motori

First among the foreign crews was the Van Esch - Coret duo (no. 119), second was Houtkamp-Houtkamp- Van Bussel (no. 14) and in third place the Argentines Castro-Gache (no. 148).

Today at 10 a.m. the start in the picturesque Piazza Sordello.

In keeping with the established 30-year tradition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, number 1 was symbolically reserved for the greatest driver of all time, the legendary Tazio Nuvolari. Among the participating modern cars was the superb and rare 2009 Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss Edition driven by Giorgio Girondi.

Numerous countries from all over the world (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Luxembourg, Holland, Hungary, the United States, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan, Poland, Monte Carlo, and the Republic of San Marino) and 49 car manufacturers are competing, from the Italian Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lancia, Ferrari and Fiat, to the British Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley and Triumph, the German Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, and the French pursangs signed by Ettore Bugatti. This year more than 100 pre-war cars (manufactured between 1932 and 1939) will take part in the event.

The presence of numerous cars from the 1950s is also significant: there will be 150 participants who will race with Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche cars from those years.

The Gran Premio represents a unique opportunity for the elite of classic car enthusiasts and the general public to be able to appreciate up close the icons of world motoring, who will meet again this year, as per tradition, in Piazza Sordello, in the heart of the Gonzaga city, for what promises to be a unique edition full of novelties.

This 33rd edition features the confirmed partners Red Bull, Banca Generali, Finservice Group, to which are added the collaborations with the auction house Wannenes (official partner), Locman-Italy (Time keeper and Official Partner) and Penske Cars (Automotive partner). thanks to which the "Nuvolari" reaffirms some of its fundamental characteristics: the spirit of sporting competition, historical celebration and itinerant tourism.

With sensitivity towards environmental protection, the "Gran Premio Nuvolari Green" initiative will be proposed again this year, an important ecological action carried out with the patronage of the Municipality of Mantua: the environmental impact caused by the circulation of historic cars - in terms of CO2 emissions - will be compensated by planting tall trees in selected areas of the town.

Gran Premio Nuvolari 2023: the details of the 33rd edition:

Attendance: 275 crews confirmed at the start, coming from all over the world.

Period of acceptance of the cars: from 1919 until 1976, plus a group of modern GT cars.

Programme: Yesterday, Thursday 14 th September, for the first time, the pre-race sporting checks were held at the Palazzo della Ragione in Piazza delle Erbe in Mantua, and the technical checks in Piazza Sordello. In the evening, the night prologue took place through the streets of Mantua, along a route of approximately 14 km. It was the city's greeting for the participants in the event.

Today, Friday 15th September, the first stage. The historic cars will depart from Piazza Sordello, the heart of the Lombardy city, and then cross the evocative streets of the Po Valley, until arriving at the Autodromo of Modena. After the lunch break, they will continue the tour on the Emilia-Romagna hills, proceeding towards the Adriatic Sea until arriving in Cesenatico. The first stage will end at the suggestive location of the Grand Hotel da Vinci. An overnight stay in Rimini will follow. The route of this first stage will be subject to possible variations due to the natural disaster that hit these territories hard last spring.

Saturday 16 September, the second stage, will see a new route from Rimini towards the Marche, Umbria and Tuscany, passing from Piazza Duomo in Arezzo and from Piazza del Campo in Siena to the lunch break in Borgo Scopeto. In the afternoon the crews will travel the roads of Chianti, then face the trials of Pieve Santo Stefano, towards the Viamaggio pass. The Republic of San Marino will welcome the event with the last group of timed tests of the day, and the stamp control in Piazza della Libertà, on Monte Titano. The arrival of the second stage is scheduled in Rimini, in Piazza Tre Martiri. The day will end with the traditional Gala Dinner in honor of Tazio Nuvolari in the wonderful Fellini-esque setting of the Grand Hotel in Rimini.

Sunday 17 September, the third and final stage when the crews will return to Mantua. The route will reserve them the last challenges, the decisive ones to decree the final winner. Starting from Rimini, they will face the dreaded time trials in Meldola, then head towards Faenza where they will be guests of the Alpha Tauri Formula 1 Scuderia to arrive on the track in Imola, inside the famous Enzo and Dino Ferrari Formula 1 racetrack. The arena in Piazza Ariostea will be the sight that Ferrara will reserve for the competitors. It will then be the turn of the return to Mantua, through the stamp controls of Conselice, Argenta, Poggio Rusco and Revere. Finally, the arrival in Mantua, after 4 days and 1,130 km of race, and the awards ceremony within the walls of Piazza Sordello.

Organized by Mantova Corse, the event will take place in compliance with F.I.A, F.I.V.A., A.S.I. and A.C.I. Sport regulations, with particular attention to the safety protocols launched by national and international sports.
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